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Top 5 Best crazy games in 2020

Are you looking for best crazy games?

If yes! then your search ends here. Because today I am sharing the 5 best crazy games in 2020 that are really crazy and fun also.

The games that I shared are very good because you can play them on every device like laptop, computer, mobile, etc. All are free online crazy games you can play.

The best part is that you can play them as a single player, with friends, or also play with multi-players from the world. These are the games that changed your mood.

These crazy games are for those who want to do different things and love adventures. Because life is too short and some people want to enjoy and live it doing crazy things or play crazy games.

5 Best crazy games in 2020

Crazy games are of different types but we will discuss them below. Let’s see the 5 best crazy games:

1. Quarantine Rush

Best crazy games

The quarantine rush is a reality type game in 2020. It is like the situation that is now in the world. In this game, there is an area and it suddenly affects some unknown disease and no one knows about it.

And you have to manage the situation. Your mission is to lock down the infected area and take care of people for not affect with the virus and also you have to cure the infected persons.

2. Kill The Coronavirus

Best crazy games

Kill the coronavirus is also a reality type crazy game. This is similar to a quarantine rush game. In this game, there are a lot of germs that spread everywhere and are very harmful so you have to kill them.

And in this, you are the one who has the cure of it and you have to kill the germs by throwing the vaccines and there is the right time to throw the vaccines otherwise you lose the game.

3. Kogama Escape From Prison

Best crazy games

Kogama escape from prison is a 3d online game which is good. In this game, you are in prison and you have to escape from their and race with the real players. So, it is a very interesting and crazy game to play and enjoy.

4. Ragdoll Warrior

Best crazy games

Ragdoll Warrior is a very interesting and crazy game. It is a fighting game. this game is best for fighting lovers. This is a stickman game, where he has to fight with the enemies to win the battle. In this game, you have to fight for the last drop of your blood to win the battle and enjoy the game.

5. Crazy Scientist

Best crazy games

Crazy Scientist is a very interesting game to play. In this game, you have to play the role of a scientist who does different experiments and tasks to defeat enemies. In this game, you have to defeat the enemies with various weapons and try to win against them.

There are different crazy games to play. I can share the best crazy games above and know I share some types of them:

Crazy Gun Games

As you also know, that there are gun games or you can say shooting games. You have to shoot the enemy to the point or shoot the bad people and win the game. These gun games are very interesting and crazy also.

Crazy Racing Games

As you can also know that racing games are not so crazy. But some of them are very crazy games. You just have to drive your vehicle like motorbike, car, truck, etc. And reach the finish point before your competitors and you win.


As you can read the article and see the 5 best crazy games in 2020. I hope to know you can find your type of game and start playing with joy. All these are crazy games and you can feel some different type of wining success. I hope that it remains useful to you.