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Best Gaming PC Under $500

Are you looking for the best gaming PC under $500 with good specifications?

If yes! then your search is end here and you are at right place.Because today, I am sharing and reviewing some of the prebuilt gaming PCs under 500 dollars.

Gaming is like something that we love to do.And if you love games, then gaming computer near me is very important.Because you need proper tools before any work.

Early, low gaming PCs starts from the range of $800-$1000.But now technology is very fast and now you can get your gaming pc under $500 with good quality.

It is easy to choose the best gaming pc when you have no budget option, but with not enough money it is very difficult to chose the gaming pc with better specifications.That’s why I have complied a shortlist of best gaming pc under 500 dollars for my readers.

The Best PCs Under $500:

1. Gaming PC Desktop Intel Core i5

This is one of the best gaming pc under $500.This is specially designed for gaming. It comes with the Intel Core i5-2400 processor with the speed of 3.10 GHz which helps to smoothly run your game.

It runs 100 FPS on low setting and 60 FPS on medium setting.It offers GTX 650 1GB card with DVI, HDMI and also VGA outputs.It can play games like PUBG or GTA5 which mostly people love to play.


ProcessorIntel Core i5-2400 3.10Ghz
MotherboardB75 LGA 1155
Graphic CardGTX 650 1GB
Hard Drive1 TB
Power Supply500W
Fans3 RGB 120mm

PRO’s & CON’s:

✅ Comes with Good RAM ❌ Not play all games
✅ Has windows 10 pro ❌ Only one year warranty
✅ Cheap price

2. Shinobee SSD Ultra 8-Core Gaming Pc

This gaming pc offers pure power.It comes with 4.20 GHz clock speed.Its red lights on fan makes it cool.It comes with 16GB DDR3 PC-1600 RAM which provides enough power for multitasking applications.

With its USB 3.0 and 512 GB SSD, it is best for data storage.It comes with GTX 745 2GB DDR3 card, which helps you to play your favorite games with the good quality and colors.


ProcessorAMD FX 8350 8 Core
Graphic CardGTX 745 2GB DDR3
RAM16GB DDR3 PC-1600
CD/DVDdrive 22 Dual layer
Power Supply420W
Operating SystemWindows 10 pro

PRO’s & CON’s:

✅ Comes with Great RAM ❌ Optical drive not included
✅ Good Graphic card ❌ Audio jacks are not right
✅ Cheap price

3. Alarco Intel i5 Gaming PC Desktop

This gaming pc comes wit the Intel Core i5-2400 with the 3.10 Ghz clock speed.It as 4RGB fan.It comes with the 8GB DDR3 RAM which is better for some games.

It runs PUBG 30 FPS on low setting and also GTA5 with 30 FPS.It comes with GTX 650 1GB video card which is good .And offers power supply of 500W of good quality.


ProcessorIntel Core i5-2400
MotherboardB75 LGA 1155
Hard drive1 TB
Graphic CardGTX 650 1GB
Fans4 RGB 120mm
Operating SystemWindows 10 pro

PRO’s & CON’s:

✅Windows 10 pro ❌Not play all games
✅ Better RAM ❌ Only one year warranty
✅ Cheap price

4. Acer Aspire TC-885-UA01 Desktop

This is one of the best gaming pc under $500. It comes from the 9th generation with the Intel Core i3-9100 processor. It comes with 8GB DDR4 memory RAM which is good.

With 512GB SSD and DVD, it also has 11AC Wifi, 5.0 Bluetooth, USB 3.1 with their ports. Its operating system is Windows 10 Home. It also comes with a keyboard and mouse.


ProcessorIntel Core i3-9100
Wireless type802.11ab
Flash Memory512
GraphicsUHD Graphics 630
Power supply300W
Operating SystemWindows 10 Home

PRO’s & CON’s:

✅ Better Memory ❌ Graphics not suited for gaming
✅ Good size for office ❌ No case,Fans
✅ Cheap price

5: CUK AsRock A300W Tiny Desktop

This pc is Slim and tiny for office use. It comes with the AMD Ryzen 3 3200G Quad-Core processor. It also consists of 16GB DDR4 2666 MHz RAM which is very good for use.

It comes with 256GB solid-state drive. It has RX Vega 8 Graphics. It has an 802.11ac Wireless type. It has no operating system and you are responsible for all installations etc.


ProcessorAMD Ryzen 3 3200G
GraphicsRX Vega 8 Graphics
Memory speed2666 MHz
Wireless type802.11ac

PRO’s & CON’s:

✅ Good size ❌ Limited support for non stock CPU
✅ Good speed ❌ no operating system
✅ Cheap price

6: DELL Optiplex 5050 (Renewed)

This is good system for use. It comes with the Intel Core 7th generation i5-7600T processor which is useful.Also with Quard core up to 3.70 GHz, 6M Cache.It has no wifi.

It comes with the 16GB DDR4 RAM which is great for gaming.It has 256GB 2.5 inch solid drive.It has 6 USB ports, also audio connections along with keyboard and mouse.


Processor7th generation i5-7600T
Speed3.70 GHz
Drive256GB 2.5 inch
USB6 USB ports
Operating systemWindows 10 pro

PRO’s & CON’s:

✅ Good RAM ❌ No optical drive
✅ better drive ❌ No wireless card
✅ Cheap price

7. HP Elite 8200 SFF Desktop PC

This HP system is good for use.It comes with the HP 8200 Intel i5 processor with the speed of 3.1 GHz which is better.It has also DVW optival drive which is useful.

It comes with 8Gb RAM which is normal.The best part of this is that it has 500GB Hard drive for use.It has an operating system of windows 10 professional. Also has keyboard, mouse and One year of warranty.


ProcessorHP 8200 Intel i5
Speed3.1 GHz
Hard drive500GB
Graphics coprocessorIntel HD GMA 2000
Operating SystemWindows 10 professional
Weight16.7 Pounds

PRO’s & CON’s:

✅ Super Performance ❌ Connection options limited
✅ Good connectivity ❌ Runs hot at times
✅ Cheap price

Conclusion-Best Gaming Desktop:

If you are very serious to buy a gaming pc, then I recommended you the higher budget Gaming PC.But If you are newbie or if you have not enough money then I would recommend you to choose the PC from above list, because these are best gaming pc under 500 dollars for start.And when you have enough money then start upgrading this PC.Because it is better to choose and built your PC by your own.And as always the question comes in mind..

What Are The Advantages Of Building A Best Budget Gaming PC Online?

When it comes to build a gaming pc online, then the best way is to choose all the parts of pc separately and then arrange them by your own.By doing this, the cost becomes low.Because when you can buy all the parts separately from different online websites then you can get them at cheap prices.

But this will only happen when you know about all the parts of pc.And if you don’y know about the specifications of pc then buying a prebulit gaming pc is best option for you.And in this case, if you have enough money, then I would suggest you to buy a gaming pc of brand.

Everything You Need To Know Before Buying a Best Gaming PC Under $500:

If you are newbie then you should know about the all the parts of the gaming pc. Like the processor of pc is very important to run it.Hard drive is very important.The RAM which is for storage should be minimum of 8GB.The speed of pc is very important.A good SSD, GPU, HDD etc parts also play the role to run a good PC.Which depends on your budget and after sometime you can upgrade also according to requirements.

Gaming PC Price:

As in this article, we discuss about the best gaming pc under 500 dollars. So, I would suggest all the parts of gaming pc which can build a gaming pc under $500.


For a gaming pc, RAM is always high.But if you have only the budget of 500 dollars then you should choose atleast 8GB RAM which is good for start but after sometime you have to upgrade it.


As we know that processor is very important, there are only two kinds of processor one is AMD and second is Intel.I would recommend you to buy a AMD processor because it has reasonable price as compared to Intel.

Graphic Card:

Choosing a good graphic card is very important for gaming pc.Because Graphic card is responsible of colors and texture and games has a lot of colors. So, atleast you should choose 1GB graphic card for start.


When it comes for PC, then case is very important. Because almost every pc heats up and if you want our hardware safe for heating then I would recommend you to choose a bigger case according to your pc size.

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