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How To Choose A Good PC Case in 2020?

Are you looking for a good PC case with the good quality and specifications?

If yes! then your search ends here. Because today I am sharing the full guide about how to choose a good PC case and what are the facts and features you have to look before buying a PC case.

PC case becomes very important nowadays. And the main reason for it is to save your computer. But remember always that never choose a PC case with only looks because there are a lot of things you have to look before it.

After CPU and RAM, the PC case also play an important role in the build of your computer. You have to look at the airflow about the size and other aspects to make your PC good and helpful. But there are so many cases with different designs and qualities. So, it is not easy to choose a good PC case for your computer.

In this article, I will share some main things you need to know before buying a PC case and it will help you also.

Things You Need To Know About How To Choose Good PC Case?

What is PC Case?

Good PC case
Good PC case

The PC case is like the outer covering of your CPU which protects your PC. In the past, the PC case is not known to anybody. But know it becomes something that is very important for your PC and is necessary for your computer.

It can save your PC and plays a good role. But there are also some things to focus on before choosing it. Such as you have to see your motherboard size, air cooler size and other necessary things to maintain the cooling system for your PC.

Case Compatibility And Sizes

When we talk about the case, its compatibility issues are there to see. Everyone has to know about the sizes of the PC case.

  1. Large (Full tower)
  2. Medium (Mid-tower)
  3. Small (Micro-ATX)
  4. Smaller (Mini-ITX)

As you can know about the common sizes of the PC case, if the case has a large size it is good for your system and fit all the things and maintain the airflow. But at the same time, it doesn’t look good if your PC is in a small size.

So, you have to look at the size of your PC and its components and then decide about what size you have to choose for it.


As we discussed above, the size of your system plays an important role before choosing the PC case. So, you have to know the size of your motherboard. The reason is that if you put Mini-ITX motherboard in a full-size case, then it looks so bad and funny.S, you must have chosen the size of the case according to your motherboard.

Graphic Card’s Length

So, as the size of the motherboard is important, graphic card length is also important to notice before choosing the PC case. You have to check your graphic card and PC case spec sheet to match their size whether the case can adjust the length of your card or not. If you are going to choose the mini case, so you must have to buy the smaller graphic card to adjust the length.

CPU Air Cooler Height

After considering the size of your motherboard and graphic card, you must have to consider the size of your air cooler. Because every cooler has not the same height and can’t fit in any type of case.

Just check the spec sheet of air cooler and your PC case and simply match them to know what size of your PC case can adjust your air cooler. In this way, there is no problem in the airflow and your PC temperature is also maintained.


As you can read the whole article, I hope you now you have not confused about how to choose a good PC case. I try my best to explain to you all the things. But before ending, let me tell you that I explained only the important things about choosing a PC case there are a lot of small things to know also. This article is for those who have already some knowledge about the PC case. So, I hope that this article is useful to you.